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May 2020 Floss Challenge

Covid-19 has kept many of us home. This is the perfect time to get your family to focus on self care and maintain good habits! For this month, I'd like to recommend that you have your whole family enter this Brush and Floss challenge together:

1. Print off a copy of the Brushing & Flossing Calendar. 

2. Have each person mark off when they get their brushing and flossing completed. 

The American Dental Association recommends brushing 2 times a day and flossing once every night. 

(Bonus points for more!)

3. At the end of the month, whomever has kept up with their calendar, reward them.

Remember, good habits are easy to start when we are young and motivated! 

Happy Brushing and Flossing!

-Dr. Yang


Calendar is made possible by Mouthhealthy.org, a part of the American Dental Association. Visit their website for more!


Free pdf downloads for your use.


April 2020 Quarantine Extras for Home Schooling

Feel free to download the following activities for your children to work on at home. 

Cursive writing has always been an important tool during my education. It has helped me quickly write down notes in high school, college and even dental school! I continue to use it on a daily basis, even on the iPad. I still vividly remember practicing cursive letters on the recycled pads that we had when we were children in grade school. Remember, what you teach your child today will forever be a part of their skillset. 

Art is also VERY important. Encourage healthy art breaks with the coloring sheets from the American Dental Association. Check back (or Subscribe) for more updates!


-Dr. Yang